Centre Dentaire Alice Khieu uses state of the art technology allowing Dr. Khieu and her team to:

  • Proceed with more comprehensive diagnostics on site enabling the patient and the dentist to choose the optimal treatment plan,
  • Execute procedures of any level of complexity on site often times the same day.


Intra-Oral Camera

An intra-oral camera can capture images of teeth and other intra-oral structures.
These images allow the patient to visualize and understand the current state of the mouth and can help in treatment planning.


A CEREC machine makes crowns, veneers and bridges in ceramic on site, the same day of your appointment.

CT-scan 3D

A 3D scan is essential when planning for implants, as it allows the dentist to evaluate the quality and thickness of the bone. It can also precisely locate important structures such as nerves and sinuses, which is useful information when extracting wisdom teeth and placing implants. It also allows the dentist to identify the exact location of the canals when performing root canal treatments.

Laser (EZ Lase, soft tissue laser; WaterLase, hard tissue laser)

Laser enables the dentist to perform curative procedures on teeth, gums, soft tissue and even bone. In some cases, it can replace the need for a scalpel or a drill. It also helps control bleeding and can accelerate the healing process thus reducing post-operative pain.

Digital X-rays

X-rays are routinely taken during an examination. Digital x-rays can be taken with less exposure to radiation than conventional x-rays (70% less) and can capture images with exceptional resolutions.

VELscope Vx

VELscope is a device that can detect potentially cancerous lesions.