Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials for Centre Dentaire Alice Khieu:

Dr. Alice Khieu really saved my teeth.  I had a gum disease that was not flagged by my previous dentist.  She is a very competent dentist who won't let problems unsolved.  Her clinic is contantly evolving and she is using the latest technology in dentistry.  Moreover, dr. Khieu has a very pleasant personality and all of her staff is quite friendly.  Needless to say that my wife (who is also her patient) and I strongly recommend her services.
Svetomir M., Montreal
Dr Alice Khieu,

J’ai sûrement une bonne étoile au-dessus de ma tête qui m’a fait découvrir votre clinique dentaire. Qui à mon humble avis est d’une qualité supérieure à la moyenne. Le travail de facettes que vous avez fait sur mes dents afin qu’elles soient plus blanches m’a réellement donné le sourire que je souhaitais avoir. Merci Dr. Khieu! Et à toute votre équipe aussi à la hauteur qui nous accueille dans votre clinique qui est d’une beauté architecturale à en couper le souffle. Je la recommande fortement à quiconque de partout dans le monde qui recherche la qualité avant tout.

Merci encore!

Votre fidèle patient,

Dr. Khieu
It was a pleasure meeting you today and thank you for the excellent service. You and your staff are exceptional.
I will have my wife and kids book their appointments. 
See you six months.
Best regards / J-P

Jean-Paul D., Sainte-Genevieve, QC.
Dr. Khieu,

I wanted to write a quick message to thank you for a very memorable visit to your clinic in St. Genevieve earlier today!

Thanks so much for taking the time to show me around your wonderful new clinic, and showing me several "before/after" photos, as well as photos of various work in progress from the past five years. Your brochure was very enjoyable to read, and the timeline of ownership and other historical facts were of great interest to me...fascinating stuff!

After being (as always:) taken care of by your excellent - and obviously very happy - staff, as well as you Doctor, I took a few minutes to admire the exterior of the magnificent stone exterior of your home and clinic. It is absolutely beautiful, as is the interior of your clinic...your choice of contrasting  very old building materials in a clinic that features (obviously) state-of-the-art equipment was brilliant!
Thanks again Dr. Khieu, not only for your excellent care and professional advice, but for making my visit today so very special!

Bless you, and congratulations on your beautiful restoration - absolutely awesome!
Sincerely, and with deep gratitude,
Peter Devries
Peter Devries, St. Genevieve
Dear Dr. Alice Khieu.
I just want to express my appreciation for the excellent Dental and Personal service your company has provided me.
It is becoming all too rare these days to find a company that goes to such great lengths to satisfy its customers.
I hope your success will show others that old-fashioned hard work and consideration for customers are values that are rewarded in our society. 

Best of luck in the future.
Sincerely, Werner Kraetz

Werner Kraetz, Pierrefonds, QC

Last Saturday (May 30,2015) I lost an old filling from one of my molars. I was found myself in a dilemma, now living in Pierrefonds I did not want to drive to my regular dentist located in Chateauguay which is a 45 min drive each way. I therefore had to find one located close to, or preferably, in my municipality but 'how'.
Looking through the 'yellow' pages there was an overwhelming choice but after a while I decided to choose the office of Dr. Alice Khieu located in the same building as my general practioners office, The Pierrefonds Medical Centre.
From the moment I arrived, the ladies at the reception desk were welcoming, professional, and friendly making an excellent first impression. I then met with Dr. Khieu's assistant who was a 'breath of fresh air', greeting and treating me like I've never experienced before. She was very attentive, funny, and made me feel like I had been going there for years! I felt very comfortable and at total ease. Then I met Dr. Khieu herself who brought the greeting to another level by her calm, professional, and very informative conversation. She took time to talk with me not only of why I was there but conversed in a friendly manner on a variety of topics which further reduced any apprehension on my part. Everything she did or was about to do was thoroughly explained. The repair of my molar necessitated a 'crown' and Dr. Khieu accomplished the required preparations.
I had requested a cleaning so she passed me over to the 'oral hygienist' who again reflected incredible attention and kindness. I have never in all my years of visiting the dentist had my teeth so thoroughly cleaned using the latest technologies especially by someone so nice and demonstated attention to detail. So that's what a 'real' cleaning is about!!
Once that was done I went back to the dental chair where I was greated by the technician who had just completed the replacement 'crown'. Again, he took the time to explain what he had designed and created showing me 3D renditions of the tooth it had been copied from and how Dr Khieu had prepared my tooth for mounting. We also had a chat of the materials and technologies involved. Wow.......he was very knowledgable of his craft and should be proud of his skill. Dr. Khieu then completed the work required with again the same charm she demonstrated from the very start of my visit.
So that being said, if you wish an experience of a true 'professional' using the latest technologies, supported by an incredibly kind and caring staff, I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Alice Khieu office of Dentistry. She takes dentistry to a completely different level never experienced by this 62 yr old patient.
Their motto should be, "The future of Dentistry is here, leave the dinosaurs behind".
I actually look forward to my next visit!
A very sincere "thank you" to Dr. Alice Khieu, and her "2nd to none" staff for all they did for me today. True professionals in their field of Dentistry.
See you all again soon.

Pierre, Pierrefonds, QC
My family and I have been patients of Dr Khieu's Clinic for the last four years.

It is very easy to get an appointment as the Clinic is very flexible and is open to accomodate the patients six days a week. Dr Khieu and her staff go out of their way to make us feel comfortable and to explain the treatment alternatives and their costs. She will strive to limit our number of visits in the execution of a treatment plan.  Her approach is a good balance between efficiency and soft touch. We value our dental health and can depend on Dr Khieu and her team to guide us and use the best technology to correct or prevent any issues or problems we have to address.

Diane, Mylène, Jean François, David and Robert Cloutier

The Cloutier Family
Every staff member I saw or met was (as has always been my experience in the past) very friendly and a pleasure to see. The care and professionalism shown, as well as seemingly always state-of-the-art machine and tech upgrades, have always made a visit to your clinic extremely pleasant. Also - perhaps a comment that you rarely or never get - no one at your clinic has ever shown any disrespect or any other sign that I'm somehow a lesser person due to the fact I have been on disability for some time now - unfortunately not always the case in our society.
Peter D.
I love you all at the clinic !! you are amazing :)
Fadi Elmostafa
Friendly & efficient staff.
Yvette Millette
I couldn't ask for better service. Thank you for all your help.
Carol Caranci
Hello Dr. Khieu and team,

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to say a huge thank you for the many years of amazing service you have provided to me and my family.

Every time I walk in your office, it is like walking in my own home.  I came in for a cleaning yesterday and once again received the royal treatment.  You truly are an exceptional team of professionals.
Thank you Dr. Khieu, Cora and the entire team for many years of bright smiles!!!
Keep up the great work!!!

Jenny Zavos